Top 10 Islands You Should Visit

As the holiday season approaches, you must be very eager to pack your bags as soon as possible and travel somewhere far away. Sit back on the beach and enjoy the rest of holiday in fresh rays of the sun. If you decide to spend your holiday in one of the beautiful islands, we’ll try to narrow the selection.
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Palawan, Philippines

Island Palawan can’t be better defined, but with the water that surrounds it. With a beautiful view of the water, wild animals that rule both the land and water, this region of the Philippines is very popular. Due to his silhouettes – it stretches 650 km, all the way to the Borneo – this island is indeed the perfect choice for leisure, recreation, adventure, enjoyment or whatever you want. This sparsely populated archipelago that makes 1,780 islands took the top spot on the list because of the beauty, rich flora and fauna, as well as beautiful beaches. The best among them is El Nido, from which you can go diving and watch the tropical fish along the coral reef.
Palawan, Philippines
Credit: Alssa.Richards

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