Top 10 Highest Mountains on Our Planet

Climbing on the high mountain is not only a favorite attraction for mountain climbers and extreme sports enthusiasts. In this charms of natural beauty enjoyed also all tourists who are curious and who like adventure tourism. The special significance has some of the highest mountains in the world, whose height gives a special touch of mystery and attraction.

1. Annapurna, Nepal

Annapurna is the tenth highest mountain in the world. Its height is 8,091 meters. It is very interesting for trekkers and adventure lovers. The best months for climbing the Annapurna are April and May, while the good starting point for climbing in the Pokhara in Nepal. A natural amphitheater, circled with the Annapurna Jug (7,219m), Varasikar (7,847m), Gangapurna (7,485m) and Machapuchare (6,993m), serves as a base camp for expeditions, as well as a favorite destination for all mountain lovers.

Credit: Jeanne.Menj

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