Top Places to Visit in Brazil – Part 2

Brazil is a tropical paradise, a country consisting of rain forests, islands with tropical beaches, and endless rivers. Diving, surfing, sailing and fishing are popular activities, and there are opportunities for hiking and rock climbing.Brazil is almost twice the size of Europe and is the largest country in South America, taking as much as 47%. With its size and natural resources is not only a giant of South America, but is destined to become a world superpower. Here are our top places to visit in Brazil – part 2:

Salvador and its beaches

Here you will be welcomed with the smooth white sand and swaying palm trees. Salvador is a city on the east coast of Brazil and the state capital of Bahia, with attractive colonial town, live music scene and plenty of exquisite beaches. There are varieties of beaches, from quiet bays, which are ideal for swimming, diving and sailing to the open sea with strong waves, popular with surfers.There are also beaches surrounded by reefs, forming natural pools, ideal for children.
Credit: Janice Waltzer

Niemeyer Cathedral

Hyperbolic concrete construction gives the impression of building’s lightness, with twisted beams reminiscent of patellar leaves of an over sized flower. Its designer is Niemeyer.
Niemeyer Cathedral
Credit:José Eduardo Deboni

President Kubitschek Memorial

This memorial was built in 1980 by Niemeyer in honor of the founder of Brasilia, Juscelino Kubitschek. The monument is in a shape of high pole on whose top is placed statue of Kubitschek, within the crescent moon. In the chapel is the tomb of Kubitschek. Entrance into the museum is also designed by Niemeyer. It has rooms containing the original plans for the city. In addition, personal library of Kubitschek, personal belongings and medals, as well as photos and documents, from childhood to his last days. Here you can see some pretty interesting information about Brazil, including pictures of the building and copies of museum’s plans that were rejected.
President Kubitschek Memorial-min
Credit:Raymond June

Palacio do Planalto

Palacio do Planalto is the seat of the executive government. It has a marble and glass facade, designed by Niemeyer who used curved and straight lines to achieve the artistic effect. It is open to visitors only on special occasions.
Palacio do Planalto
Credit: Matias Romero