Unforgettable Camping in Espot, Spain

Camping in Espot isn’t something you should do, it is definitely something you must do. Almost all campers who visited this amazing town became returners, and most of them come here every year. It is also one of the most popular places for camping in Spain and even in this part of the world. Of course, there are a lot of great camping places in Spain and this part of Europe, but Espot has all the elements a camper will need.
Camping in Espot
Credit: Enric Robio Ros


The basics

Espot is located close to the Aigüestortes National Park, one of the biggest and the most sophisticated national parks in this country. It is also well-known for beautiful scenery, wonderful possibilities and a lake. Sant Maurici Lake is a reservoir actually, but it is simply beautiful. The size is perfect, it isn’t too big nor too small.

Coming to the lake, or near it is probably something you will want to do because it is one of the best places for a camp site. The local community made this even easier, giving you an option to get a taxi which will take you all away to the lake, or close to the trail, which means that you can become an adventurer while hiking. In the second case scenario, you must be prepared for 2 hours of walking. Although the Espot tourist information department claims 2 hours will be sufficient, more than 3 are a higher probability. Add a few photo stops, rest and etc. and you may need even 4 hours. In addition, all taxis are jeeps, so driving in them is another benefit. They need average 50 minutes to reach the peak (the mentioned trail).

The trail you are going to use while your Espot camping adventure is well-marked, there are no problematic stages and it is made close to amazing sceneries. Most campers decide to make a picnic break while hiking, so chances are high you will do the same.

Nature in Espot is untouched. Because the national park we mentioned is nearby, flora and fauna are protected and preserved. This is also the main reason why many campers decide to visit and stay in Espot. The environment is controlled, meaning that rangers will check for wild animals, inform tourist and be available to help you if you need them. Tip: Always check in with a local ranger or camping site administration for your safety.
Credit: Enric Robio Ros


Amazing views

If you are addicted to view-based camping, you are going to love Espot and camping here. All the views you can see are simply amazing and breathtaking. There are no houses, facilities whatsoever while hiking, camping or even riding in a taxi (taxi costs 16 euro per person). As we said, nature is completely preserved.

Make sure to bring extra batteries for your gadgets, because photographing these scenarios will be mandatory.

A tour option is a perfect addition. A taxi will drive you for a couple of minutes, then make a 20-minute break. During that time, you can walk and explore the surroundings. Then, you get back to taxi and visit another spot. Maybe you will reach your final destination a bit late, but the experience and memories will be at the highest level.
Visit Espot April
Credit: Lenz


Something about Espot, town

Basic info:

  • Region (sub): Lleida.
  • Latitude: 42°34’42″N.
  • Longitude: 1°5’11″E.
  • Altitude: 1340 m.
  • Population: Less than 400.
  • Distance to Barcelona: 300 km (closest).
  • Distance to Madrid: 466 km.

Each journey or a trip you want to perform here will begin at Espot. The town is actually very small, located nearby Noguera Pallaresa River. This river should be visited as well. There are around 400 people in Espot and all of them have something to offer. An interesting fact is that this town dates since 839, making it one of the oldest places in Catalonia.

Other than that, there is no plenty of interesting things to see here. The architecture and the streets are the best elements. They are surely different than those you saw in other parts of the world.

The temperature in Espot: When to camp?

The temperature here starts very low. It may be -8 degrees Celsius, but this rarely happens. In general, the temperature in January will move between -5 and 15 degrees Celsius. In March, it may be -3, but the daily temperature will be around 10-15 degrees C. On the other side, in July it will be between 15 and 27 degrees C. This means that the best time to camp here is around June, but camping in July or August is possible as well.

The combination of the lower temperature during the night and clean air will help you sleep better than ever. On the other hand, during the day you will be warm, great for exploring.

What to know about camping in Espot?

There are not many of things you will need to know, before coming here. There are a lot of amazing spots to choose, close to rivers, with great views and safe. Trees occupy the biggest areas here, so finding wood and setting up a tent won’t be a problem.

Previous campers left a lot of great indicators and well-prepared spots, so you don’t even have to prepare anything. All you need to do is to come here and start camping. The environment is safe for children and all campers who come with their children claim that it is the ideal space for families.

Nearby places to visit

While camping in Espot, you will want to visit additional places, if you plan to stay here for a few days. They include:

  • Espot Esquí ski resort- Only during winter months.
  • Santa Llogaia- Old church in the town.
  • Moros- A defensive tower that was built in middle ages.
  • Encantats peak- Almost 3.000 m of altitude.
  • Sant Maurici Lake- A reservoir we mentioned at the beginning.

Credit: Guillen Perez



At the end, we must repeat that camping in Espot is a must and it should be done each year. All campers want can find here. It is also an affordable place to visit that truly offers a lot. There are no drawbacks nor issues other campers have reported.

Featured image credit: Enric Robio Ros