Top 9 Places to Visit in North America

The United States are certainly one of the most interesting destinations in the world. Due to its size, the splendor and the great progress that the USA has managed to achieve in the 20th century, they are among the countries with the largest number of tourists every year. It is very difficult to choose just several destinations since proportional to content that North America offers, as the most developed part of the world that is known, one can extract at least the 100 such destinations.
Here is our list of Top 9 places to visit in North America:

Las Vegas

No matter where you live on earth, Las Vegas is surely at the top of the priorities on the list of the cities that you want to visit. It is a city of fun and luxurious casinos. If you want to see Elvis again, this is the place for you. If you want to get married in 15 minutes, again Las Vegas is expecting you. In the city is among the best known hotels Cesar Palace and Venice in which you be entertained every evening by some well-known musical stars. It is interesting to note that in this city are held world-famous fighting of the MMA athletes.

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This city is far better known by parties than as home to large corporations. Miami Beach stands out as a magnet that attracts admirers’ of fashionable summer from all over the world. And often serves as a backdrop for big-budget music videos and movies. The city is in Florida, so that the majority of the population speaks Spanish. You will almost feel as you are in Brazil.

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New York

New York is a city that is certainly one of the most progressive places on the planet. The term New Yorker can use even those who have never set foot on the soil of the United States, but simply feel that way. The first thing you will see is definitely the famous Statue of Liberty, which has for decade’s represented the beacon for people from all over the world. If you want to really get to know New York, watch the famous sitcoms “Friends” or “Sex and the City” that made a cult of this city.

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