Top 8 Most Spectacular Natural Wonders of Europe

1. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

At the top of the list of natural wonders to see in Ireland, these cliffs offer visitors a breathtaking lookout from high above the Atlantic coast.  The cliffs descend straight down to the watery depths below and have been a viewpoint for hundreds of years for travelers that wish to experience the great wonders of the world.

Cliffs of Moher
Credit: Dora.Meulman

2. Grande Dune du Pilat, France

The highest sand dune in Europe, this soft, sandy wonder is on the Atlantic coast of France near Bordeaux.  Constantly shifting and changing with the wind, the views of the dune and from its summit are picturesque and grand.

Grande Dune du Pilat

3. Travertine Pools, Turkey

These thermal pools at Pamukkale are also known as the “cotton castle” because the ledges are covered in a soft white from the minerals in the water.  What’s so stunning is their unique shape that juts out from the hillside in a magnificent range of colors of the white slopes at sunrise and sunset.

Travertine Pools
Credit: Vince.Traveller


4. Göreme National Park, Turkey

Another natural wonder for Turkey, this time in Cappadocia.  These “fairy chimneys” have eroded over millions of years to create ethereal rock formations rising up from the dry plains in a flurry of color and layers.  The soft rock in some areas of the park was carved out by settlers centuries ago for shelter, which can all be seen from a hot air balloon ride from above.

Göreme National Park
Credit: Brew.Books

5. Dripstone Cave, Austria

Explore a subterranean world of stalagmites and mineral-filled lakes, deep under the ground in Austria.  The dripstone candle formations that create pointed pillars give these underground beauties the nickname “Unicorn Cave”.

6. The Crooked Forest, Poland

One of the strangest natural mysteries has befuddled mankind for centuries is the Crooked Forest.  An entire forest of over 400 pine trees all grown with a curved bend at the base in western Poland.  How did this happen? Leave it to the scientists while you marvel at its strange but calming beauty.

The Crooked Forest

7. Melissani Cave, Greece

Within the island of Kefalonia lies a hollowed-out cave and lake that, over time, has opened to the sky.  Reachable by an underground tunnel, visitors can explore the cave by boat and marvel at the crystal blue waters and imposing walls that extend into the blue above.

Melissani Cave
Credit: Marcus.Ward

8. Trolltunga, Norway

Literally translated as “Troll’s Tongue” this tough but rewarding hike gives travelers an epic view of Lake Ringedalsvatnet.  Extending 700 meters above the ground, the brave one step out to the end of the tongue and literally sit on what seems like the edge of the world.

Credit: Håvard

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