Top 5 Places to Visit Before You Die

Tomorrow is never promised and if you sit around daydreaming about the things you want to do and the places you want to go, life can pass you by. Sometimes, even when travelers make it out of their daydreams, they get sucked into overhyped destinations and tourist traps. Don’t let your adventure be wasted on mediocre sights, check out these top places to visit before you die and put them at the top of your travel list. You’ll be glad you did.

1. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Where culture and nature come together in a complimenting twist, Kyoto is a city where you can experience all of the Japanese traditions amongst a scenic setting. Take the forest covered temple trail by bicycle and pop in and out of each stunning structure. You can join in on your own personal tea ceremony, get a glimpse of a real geisha and shop for vintage kimonos in the thrift shops. Visit the bamboo forest in the morning and stay overnight in a Buddhist temple before you leave.

2. Pingxi, Taiwan

Pingxi, Taiwan

Pingxi is as romantic as it gets. Travel by an antiquated style train through rolling mountain scenery to make it to this tiny traditional town around the train tracks. There are tiny cafes, boutique shops and a surrounding of tropical forest in the background. Wander through the parks, over the suspension bridges and to the waterfalls during the day and make sure to stay until nightfall for the main event. Paint your wishes onto a giant paper lantern and send it off into the sky as you watch the flame take your wishes into the beautiful universe.

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is the city where hippies and bohemians from all ages gather. With most of the action happening in the old square, visitors can rent a bicycle and travel around the winding maze of organic restaurants, meditation huts, vegan cafes and live music venues. When you aren’t lounging in a hammock listening to bongo drum jam sessions, you can rent a motorbike to see the jungle outside the city. Visit the elephant sanctuaries or just drive up into the mountains to visit the waterfalls, and stunning look out points.

4. The Four Corner States, U.S.A

The Four Corner States, U.S.A

Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico make up one of the most diverse and beautiful regions of the United States. The best way to visit is to rent a car and drive around the hundreds of miles of mountains, Indian reservations and rock formations. Visit the famous national parks, Arches, The Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde and Carlsbad Caverns and spend some time camping in the great outdoors.

5. Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

A visit to this city will have you truly feeling like you’ve gone back in time. Wander the maze of limestone walls and find glistening hidden markets selling spices, jewelry and art. Visit the Wailing Wall and make sure to try some of the delicious hummus and falafel sandwiches. Walk around and explore the religious buildings, museums and the nightlife if you think you can handle the local’s idea of a party.

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