Top 10 Cool Places to Visit in India

India is named after the river Indus. The name that locals are using for this famous river is Sindu.  The population of this subcontinent is with diverse ethnic, religious, racial and cultural composition. The largest percentages of it are Indo-Aryans and Dravidians. The earliest inhabitants were the Vedas, people of dark complexion who still live in the southern part of the country. Have a look at the top 10 cool places to visit in India 

1. McLeod Ganj

McLeod Ganj is located in the north of India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, near the town of Dharamsala. This settlement was named after the Sir Donald McLeod, Governor of Punjab, and the suffix “Ganj” is the common Hindi word for “neighborhood”. After the Chinese invasion of Tibet in the 1959, Tenzin Gjatso – the 14th Dalai Lama fled to India. The Indian government offered him refuge in Dharamsala, where in 1960 was established the Tibetan government in exile and the Dalai Lama settled in McLeod Ganj.

McLeod Ganj
Credit: Aleksandr.Zykov

2. Varanasi

In its grandeur Varanasi leaves no one indifferent, it is the same with pilgrims that arrive every day from all parts of India, and with travelers from around the world. This city of expressed paradoxes is the most sacred in India and has played a big role in the history of Indian civilization. As a religious and cultural center, because of its long history, it could be compared with Rome. And because it is a sublime place of pilgrimage and the idealized center of faith, city is standing shoulder to shoulder with Jerusalem and Mecca.

Credit: Ken.Wieland

3. Pondicherry

Pondicherry – a coastal town in Tamil Nadu, three hours away from Chennai, became famous because it was used as a backdrop for the book and film “Life of Pi”. Many scenes that were filmed in Pondicherry include coastal colonial quarter where the elegant facades and avenues are mostly belonging to the French people who have one foot in India and another in France.

Credit: Praveen

4. Mumbai

Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is the largest city in India (it has about 13 million inhabitants) with a mix of religions (Islam and Hinduism), customs and culture and represents a combination of all extremes and diversity. Mumbai is also the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and the financial center of the country, high fashion and film industry with the highest skyscrapers in India.

Credit: Skye.Vidur

5. New Delhi

The capital city and largest city of India, is only part of Delhi, it is one of the oldest cities in the world. Several times it was destroyed by the enemy, but eleven times city rose from the ashes. Delhi is mentioned in the famous Indian epic, the Mahabharata. As soon as you exit the airplane you will become part of the cultural shock between opulence and poverty, in this magical land of Hinduism.

New Delhi
Credit: David.Brossard

6. Rishikesh and Hardivar

Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga, is famous for Kumba Mela festival. Walk beside Ganda, sandy shores, throwing flowers into the river and imagining desire, and of course sacred cows! Fascinating! In hardware are two temples which offer stunning views of the city and the banks of the Ganges

Rishikesh and Hardivar
Credit: Jaskirat.Singh.Bawa

7. Agra – Taj Mahal

Over 20,000 people have worked on the construction of this edifice of white marble in front of which there is stunning garden. “A dream in marble” as many call it the Taj Mahal, is the dominant, but not the only attraction in Agra. Shah Jahan built this magnificent mausoleum for his wife.

Agra - Taj Mahal

8. Rajasthan desert

Rajasthan desert returns all visitors at the Middle Ages, it is surrounded with a fairy tale, trained marketers and rich history, it is also a place where is held the famous Holi festival.

Rajasthan desert
Credit: Jon.Connell

9. National Park Bandavagar

A few years ago Taj Safaris have created first luxury “circle of tigers” in India, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The circle is comprised of four cabins, including a safari resort in a national park Bandavagar, famous for its picturesque forested hills and dense population of tigers.

10. Kerala

The Indian state of  is one of the most developed in this vast country, and is, within the parameters of quality of life, comparable even with the higKeralahly developed countries of the world. Kerala is incredibly green, because the vast areas are under coconut palm trees and bananas, and there are many rice fields – in Kerala is grown no less than 600 species of rice.

Credit: Vinoth.Chandar