The Tallest Trees in the World

Trees are the oldest and largest living organisms on Earth and have them in almost every environment and in every territory on Earth. Trees make up about 80% of green plants on the planet and there are several tens of thousands of different types of trees. The functions of the trees are different. It provides shelters for many terrestrial living beings, cleansing the air, absorbs the high sunlight. Except for trees differing in type, it varies in height, so there are trees in the nature of 25cm (bonsai) and more than 100m trees. In this article you meet the tallest trees in the world.

Coast Redwood

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Coast redwood, or Sequoia sempervirens, is without a doubt the highest species of trees in the world. This species of trees grows in the California area and can grow more than 300 feet (91 meters). Coast Redwood is characteristic of its reddish bark and dark green or bluish green leaves. This tree can live up to 2000 years, which is an exceptional lifespan of the tree. Among the coast Redwood there is a tree of ‘Hyperion’, which is 115.7 m and the highest tree in the world.

The Australian Mountain Ash

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The Australian Mountain Ash or Eucalyptus regnans can reach a height above 90 m. It has large pale-gray straight trunks and a fibrous brown bark. The characteristic of this type of tree is that it grows very rapidly so that it can reach the maximum height in 200 years, which is several times faster than for other types of trees. The Australian Mountain Ash, except Australia, is also growing near the Northwestern coast of North America, with the highest tree of its kind being Centurion, which is 99.6m high.

The Coastal Douglas

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The Coastal Douglas is a kind of evergreen tree named after David Douglas. Otherwise, it is called Pseudotsuga menziesii and is one of the world’s highest celebrants. These dishes are growing in the areas of the west-central British Columbia and south central California. In Pacific rain forests it can reach a height of 300 feet (100 m) while otherwise, out of the wild forest, grows to 80 feet (25 m). The largest tree of this species is Doerner fir, which is 99.8m high and about 500 years old

The Sitka Spruce

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Although it usually grows between 50-70m, Sitka spruce can grow up to 100m. It has a violet-gray bark and straight and sharp leaves with needles. It grows to the north and west of the UK but also to the coastal areas of northwest America. The trees of spruce sprouts grow very close together and form a thick bush. Raven’s Tower with a height of 96, 7m is the largest timber spruce tree and is located in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

Sequoiadendron giganteum

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Giant sequoia is a species of evergreen trees that grow at an altitude between 900 and 2500 m. The bark of herring is reddish and cracked, and her cheeks are greyish green. The sequencer has a very long life span, and the oldest specimens of this tree have between 2500-4000 years. Sequoias are best managed in mountainous areas and near the river, growing between 50 – 85m and having a diameter of about 6-8m. Although it can be seen in the countries of Europe, these trees grow naturally only in the forests of Sierra Nevada, California.