Special Places To Visit in Germany

Germany is not only one of the largest and most significant European countries but is certainly a country that is very rich in cultural, historical and artistic contents and destinations for visitors of all tastes and affinities. Let us recommend you some natural destinations in Germany.

1. Lake Constance

The first destination that stands out for its beauty is the Lake Constance.Its length is a little over 60 km. In addition to being in Germany, it occupies a certain area in Switzerland and Austria also.Through the lake flows the river Rhine, so this lake is extremely rich in water and fish.It attracts large number of tourists not only every year, but also of every month.

Lake Constance
Credit: Kecko

2. Garmisch-Partenkirchen

One cannot talk about Germany without mentioning the Garmisch-Partenkirchen.It is certain paradise for lovers of snow and skiing.And one of the most beautiful winter resorts in the world.The season runs from November to May.Garmisch-Partenkirchen has a very meticulously constructed professional ski trails in length of over 60 km.

Credit: RSPS_Tourismus

3. The Berlin Wall

The place definitely worth visiting while you are in Germany or Berlin is inevitably the Berlin Wall.He belongs to the so-called “political tourism” or “historical tourism”. Otherwise, the Berlin Wall has divided eastern (communist) and Western (democratic) Berlin for 28 years.Its fall meant a victory of freedom for all Germans, but for the Europeans also because its destruction marked the end of the Cold War.

The Berlin Wall
Credit: Carolyn

4. ” Romantic Road ”

Between Würzburg and Füssen is around 350 km long route, which is symbolically called “romantic road”.It is located in Southern Germany, and covers most of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria.This thematic tourist destination is created in the middle of the 1950s and its goal was to popularize tourism in the region of southern Germany.What is interesting is the fact that the tourist route passes through dozens of villages and small towns that are full of medieval attractions such as old castles, churches and houses of the past.

Romantic Road
Credit: Lynn.Rainard

5. Cologne Cathedral

For supporters of religious tourism is certainly interesting to visit some of the religious sights of Germany. Germany has lots of them. However, one that is distinguished from the others is a cathedral church in Koln dedicated to Saint Peter and the Virgin Mary. It is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic diocese in the city and certainly one of the most beautiful buildings belonging to the Roman Catholic community not only in Germany but also in the world. From the mid-sixties of the 20th century, it has been included on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The cathedral was built around 600 years and the highest dome reaches a height of 157 m.

Cologne Cathedral
Credit: Thomas.Depenbusch

6. Black Forest

Another of the natural destination in Baden-Württemberg is the Black Forest, one of the most beautiful mountain passes in southwest Germany.It is about 160 km long, through its flow the river Rhine and is extremely rich in flora and fauna.The highest peak is Feldberg which reaches a height of about 1500 m.It is interesting that through this natural reserve flow more than 10 small rivers.The main economic branch in the area of the Black Forest is tourism. According to some data, thanks to tourism, this place have employed over 150,000 people.

Black Forest
Credit: Rafa.Win

7. Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

According to some data, this historical complex has existed for nearly 1,000 years. And the first information about it dates back to the mid-10th century.The complex is very spacious and surrounded by a traditional medieval fortress.Imperial Castle is correctly called Kaiserburg and is surrounded with the complex of the administration building from this period as well ancillary building that completes the picture of the medieval city.Some of these secondary buildings today serve as a hostel for many tourists who visit this site.

Imperial Castle of Nuremberg
Credit: Gellinger

8. Brandenburg gate

Last, but not the least, perhaps the symbol of Germany, Brandenburg gate.It is one of the remaining “triumphant” gateway through which was entered in Berlin.It is located between the memorial center dedicated to the murdered Jews in the Second World War and the Reichstag (German parliament).It consists of 12 pillars, made ​​in Greek style.At the top of the pillars is located the platform with carriages of the god of peace.It is designed after the famous Athenian gate.

Brandenburg gate
Credit: Davis.Staedtler

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