10 Things I’d Wish I Knew Before Traveling to India

When one talks about India, colors, chaos, and beauty is what comes to mind. India is a place like no other. This place, which is full of vibrant sights, clamorous sounds and rich smells and taste, can actually create an incredible contrast of the overwhelming senses. To ensure that this happens, to ensure that you are familiarized with India, to ensure that you enjoy the beautiful coastlines, the breathtaking countryside locations, and the enchanting cities, we bring for you 10 things, you need to know when you prepare to India.

1. Research about India a lot

Each and every place in India has its own charm. Simply put, India has a diverse range of attractions, which one simply cannot afford to miss. Right from superlative beaches to strikingly majestic temples, to beautiful landscapes to lively, bustling and chaotic cities, India has it all. India is as well, known for its nightlife, as its customs and traditions.

One can simply not cover the entire of India in one go since each and every part has a charm of its own. So depending on the facet you wish to explore, you need to make your plans. As a quick guidance, the northern part of India is well known for its natural landscape and the great old architecture.

2. Be Careful about What You Eat

India is known for its unique taste and smell. Along every street of India, you will find joints selling sumptuous food items. And these items smell so good; one can simply not resist not eating them. Due to the use of a high amount of spice and its different taste, the food might lead to some gastrointestinal problems.

Also, due to a damn given to the hygiene, Indian food might cause something worse than the normal stomach discomfort. Also, water quality may not be the best at remote places. So it is best to avoid the tap water and drink bottled water.

3. Stay in a Hotel Which Has a Respectable Name

True, India is a great country to travel to. But just like any other tourist destination, it comes with its own set of dangers.  For those who do not have much of traveling, experience should stay in the hotels having reputed names. Doing so, will not only keep you at peace but will also ensure that there is no miscommunication between the hotel staff and you.

4. Bring a Camera to Capture the Travel

India is a place where street photographers would have a great time. At every juncture, there is so much to see and so much to capture. You will always experience unique encounters and hence a camera is a must have when you decide to prepare to India.

5. Keep the Mind Open while Coming to India

As much as India is a place of spectacle, it has its own set of negatives. India is a poor country and the poverty does spill over on the road. Besides, traffic and roads are a mess in India and there is nothing called as a no honking zone in India. Also, white skinned people are stared at, like a unicorn, to the extent of making you feel uncomfortable. But be rest assured, most people mean no harm!

6. Carry Cash Always

There are very few places in India where credit cards are accepted. India is primarily a cash economy and if you travel to the interiors of India, cash is the only thing which will work. India is a place where there are multiple things which you can buy, right from great artifacts to great food items. And to pay for them and for the local autos (known as tuk tuks), it is important to carry ample cash, so that you are not left short of funds.

7. Explore Places Which Lie Outside the City

In India, there are amazing places apart from the cities. In fact, cities are quite crowded. The places that lie outside the cities have fewer crowds. And to add to it, they are quite picturesque! So when you make a plan, make sure you spend most of your time outside the cities than in them. Explore the amazing towns and smaller beaches that lie outside the big cities to see the real non-modernized India, which will surely take your breath away.

8. Complete the Formalities for a Visa Beforehand

India does give visa on arrival to many countries. However, when this happens, there is a huge line which ends up wasting your time. Besides, people in India are not punctual and you would seriously feel drenched after the long travel. Hence, it is best for people to have a visa beforehand when they plan to travel to India.

9. Dress Modestly and Respect the Culture

India is conservative, not only in the thought process but also in the dressing. Make sure you are fully covered when you walk on the road, to avoid the ugly stares. Also, while visiting temples, it is necessary to cover the head either with scarves or a hanky. Make sure you plan it in advance and carry the necessary props along.

10. Stay Aware of the Surroundings

This rule holds true for all the cities, but truer for India, due to its poverty. Avoid being pickpocketed or being a victim of some petty theft by carrying less cash. Also, ensure that you do not carry cash in pockets, but use a bag with a zipper that wraps around the shoulder. If you have to walk back late, make sure you have some companion or a friend/ guide.