Hiking in The Dolomites: Your Trip Planner

The Dolomites in Italy: Hiking in the Dolomites

Taking a vacation is the greatest gift you can ever reward yourself. If you are planning being far from your day to day life hustles and buzzes, the Dolomites are what every doctor would recommend for a perfect vacation. However, the majority of the people prefer going to the beach. Well, I understand it’s fun, but isn’t it too obvious. On the contrary, why not try something new say like hiking in the Dolomites? Unlike the many unfriendly mosquitoes, you are likely to encounter at the beach, hiking in the dolomites is adventurous and entertaining and you are guaranteed of having the best time of your life.

What are the Italian Dolomites? The Dolomites are mountain ranges located in northeastern Italy. Covering over 90,000 acres of mountainous terrain, the Dolomites are considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. And, we can’t dispute that, can we? The bold gray cliffs, peaks covered with snow and the fine green vegetation (often covered with snow during winter) will ensure that you create lifetime fun memories.

hiking in the Dolomites