Best Places For Swimming In The World

On the planet earth there are so many water surfaces so it is very difficult to decide which of those places are best for swimming. Blue lagoons, hidden caves and bays, beautiful sandy beaches, coral reefs are just a small part of what swimmers can enjoy in different parts of the world. Whether you want to enjoy the ocean, natural water pools, lakes, rivers or seas, there is a place for every swimmer on the planet, and here you will be shown the best in the world.

5. Seljavallalaug pool, Iceland

Credit: Johannes Martin

Iceland is full of natural pools and natural hot water sources, which many say that this country is one of the best for swimming. In Iceland you can swim in warm rivers or numerous hot pots. In most cities there are these natural hot pots where swimming is mostly free, but it’s satisfying. One of the most famous swimming places in Iceland is the oldest swimming pool located in Seljavellir Valley. The swimming pool is 28x10m in size, built in 1923 and filled with hot spring water. The pool is located in the valley, one of the most beautiful places in Iceland.