Affordable Traveling: 5 Tips on How to Save Money When Traveling

Why pay more than it’s really necessary during the trip? If you are on a tight budget or simply want to save money when you travel, there are the certain things you should follow – from fine dining to booking tickets. Affordable traveling doesn’t mean poor traveling. You can travel cheaper and significantly cut down on costs while still have a good time on your journey.

These 5 tips can help you slash the expenses of your holiday:

1. Be Flexible With Your Destination and Plans

Since you shouldn’t consult anyone and wait for other people, take advantage of online search tools and snag last-minute deals. For example, you can make use of the search travel tools such as Skyscanner, Kayak, Adioso, and the similar apps that let you search the most affordable flights throughout the year and all around the globe. Of course, you should be flexible on your plans and destinations by avoiding luxury, expensive travels. Avoid booking in advance and mix and match different flights.

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2. Travel In the Low Season At the Cheapest Time

Aside from travel destinations, you should also be flexible about your plans and the timing once you pick out a certain location. It’s a good idea to make a journey in the off-season if you want to have an affordable traveling. You are more likely to find better bargains if you travel in the off-season during so-called shoulder periods that are off-peak times to travel. The flight prices and other travel expenses vary widely depending on the time of travel, day, and month.

Whilst early January (after New Year’s) and April (just after Spring Break) are usually the most affordable months to travel, you also need to consider which season is the cheapest for the particular destination. For example, you should opt for mud season if you consider a ski journey to Vermont. Likewise, you should avoid traveling to Spain when the summer holidays begin or Australia for Christmas. The weather is still nice in September in much of Europe, and flights are generally cheaper. By the way, many destinations are much less crowded when kids go back to schools. Since it is not so popular period to travel, many hotels and airlines give big discounts on hotel rooms and airplane seats during this time.

3. Find Out How You Will Pay for Services and Things Before Heading There

You are advised to call your credit card company and bank before leaving your state. That will not only prevent cheaters from freezing your accounts and frauding alerts and, but also help you find out in advance potential fees that may occur during your travel. Here are a few tips for affordable traveling in terms of credit and debit cards.

Tips for your credit card:

  • Find the best solution for your cash and card payments.
  • Avoid cash advances, as they will hit you with interest fees and high transactions.
  • Do not exchange money at the airport upon your arrival.
  • Apply for a credit card that doesn’t involve any foreign transaction fee.
  • Tips for your debit card:
  • Withdraw cash from an ATM. Transaction fee ranges from $3 to $7 for the vast majority of ATMs.
  • Avoid making withdrawals too often.
  • Keep away from dynamic currency conversions.
  • Otherwise, you can open an account at a bank that doesn’t demand international fees.

4. Make Calls and Text by Using Wi-Fi Wherever It’s Possible

Calling and texting abroad is too costly, so make sure to turn off your cellular data when it’s possible. You need to check international calling and text charges with your mobile phone carrier. This way you’ll know in advance what additional expenses may apply during your trip. You also need to use public WiFi where possible to cut down on calling and messaging costs. However, bear in mind that it could be risky to use WiFi while abroad, so be sure to protect your data. Consider using Facebook Messager, Google Hangouts, Skype calling, FaceTime audio, Viber, and WhatsApp to avoid expensive additional charges.

5. Save Money on Accommodation

In order to save money on accommodation when traveling, you should try home swaps and consider private rooms in houses or hostels. A home swap is a great alternative to expensive hotels when going on holiday. As the name suggests, swaps virtually cost nothing while offering the comfort of home. Instead of soulless hotel chains, try out the private rooms or hostels. There are a number of websites where locals rent their rooms, sofas, or whole apartments. This is a great option for travelers looking for affordable traveling.