7 Natural Amazing Places on Our Planet – Part 2

1. Gulfoss, Iceland

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. One of the seven wonders around the world!

Credit: upload.wikimedia.org

2. Derweze, Turkmenistan

Known as “door to hell”. This area is rich in natural gas. A few decades ago, scientists drilled into the cavern, making the ground to collapse. They found out that there is gas inside the hole and decided to burn it, they were sure the gas will burn for a few days… well it’s not!

Credit: en.wikipedia.org

3. Tulip Fields, Netherlands

These fields of flowers will wash your eyes with colors you never imagined.

Tulip Fields
Credit: upload.wikimedia.org

4. Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

This dormant volcano will amaze you with its beauty when the setting sun’s rays rush across its slopes.

Mount Haleakala
Credit: upload.wikimedia.org

5. Grundarfjordur, Iceland

Not many know, but Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Grundarfjordur, is a small Icelandic town that situated between mountains and lava fields.

Credit: pixabay.com

6. Lake Annecy, France

Located in the French Alps, this lake is one of the popular tourist destinations in France. Europe voted this lake as the cleanest lake in Europe

Lake Annecy
Credit: upload.wikimedia.org

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