5 Amazing Lakes You Must See Before You Die

1. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

A true paradise, Plitvice Lakes is an interconnecting network of sixteen lakes in Croatia.  The lakes cascade downwards, separated by travertine dams, and each waterfall flows into the next in perfect harmony.  When you visit, stroll along the connecting bridges and walkways to be amazed at this moving, shifting natural wonder.  Depending on the level of the water and organisms that live there, each lake is unique in color and variety.  The colors here are truly wonderful, ranging within a single day from green and blue to dancing rainbows off the misty waterfalls.

Plitvice Lakes
Credit: Dennis.Jarvis

2. Five Flower Lake, China

Pristine water so clear you can see through to the bottom, this lake is the pride of China and one of its natural wonders.  Located in Sichuan, China, Wuhua Hai—also known as Five Flower Lake—is one of 118 lakes in the nature reserve located here.  Surrounded by lush forest, the lake is only about five meters deep, and the water glistens a bright turquoise that is so perfect you can see through to the ancient fallen trees at the bottom.

Five Flower Lake
Credit: Jean-Marie.Hullot

3. Laguna Colorado, Bolivia

Also known as the Red Lagoon, this is a shallow salt lake in the southwest part of Bolivia.  The red hues of the water are created by red sediment and the algae that reside there, giving a stark contrast to the white borax salt islands that dot the otherworldly scenery.  It is not uncommon to see pink flamingos relaxing in the water, adding to the unusual view at Laguna Colorado.

Laguna Colorado
Credit: Andrey.Stekachev

4. Taal Lake, Philippines

Taal Lake in Luzon Island is uniquely special because it is the world’s largest lake within a lake.  It is also part of the active Taal Volcano. This mind-blowing lake inception has an island within a lake, within an island, within a lake.  Confused yet? Me, too.  You need to see this wonder to truly believe it.

Taal Lake
Credit: Freedom.II.Andres

5. Boiling Lake, Dominica

This lake is the second largest hot spring in the world, and it’s not as relaxing as it sounds.  Situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, it is actually a fumarole – a hole in the earth’s surface – that has flooded.  This boiling beauty is not one you’d actually want to swim in, as the temperature is anywhere between 180 to 197 Fahrenheit on average.  The grey-blue lake is constantly bubbling, and the mist and steam that rises off it creates a constant aura of mist and cloud that surrounds you.

Boiling Lake
Credit: Göran.Höglund(Kartläsarn)

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