18 Unusual Wedding Traditions From Around The world

A wedding is a combination of many details and tradition takes a big part in it.  some traditions are romantic and magical and some are just plain… weird. All aimed to wish the newlyweds good luck, fortune, and happy marriage. some even date back to the middle ages. 

Every country and culture has its own customs when it comes to the big day. Here are some examples of the most unusual wedding traditions from around the world. 

Sewing of the log – Germany

Everyone knows that one of the secrets to a happy marriage is teamwork and the cutting of the log custom is the perfect example of that. 

It is an old German wedding custom, and it represents the first challenge that the couple must overcome during their marriage. 

Credit: greenweddingshoes

The newlyweds must work together using a two-handle long saw to “overcome the obstacle” and saw through the log in half. This usually takes place right after the ceremony, as this should be the first difficulty the couple will face in their life together, or nowadays people also wait to have this done at the reception. 

Fan Fact:

The reason for people to wear their wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand is due to the thought that it is where a vein that leads directly to the heart is located