10 Must Have Travel Gadgets for Your Next Vacation


It’s easy to remember that you need to pack clothes, toiletries, and cash when you travel. Those are hardly ever forgotten. But now that we’re in the 21st century, there are travel gadgets that can make your trips more enjoyable or can minimize inconveniences and disruptions.

Here are the top 10 travel gadgets you should pack for your next trip.

10. Portable Charger for Mobile Devices

Credit: Incase

Even if you aren’t a millennial, you probably have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and have reached a certain level of unhealthy dependence on it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Mobile devices have attained a level of convenience—and sometimes a necessity—in this time and age.

A portable charger (or external battery) can be a figurative lifesaver. Even one that holds a small charge can give your dying smartphone enough juice to navigate you back to your hotel or make that final Uber request and get you back to a place where you can charge your phone.

Amazon lists portable chargers from $13 – $125.