10 Best Things to Do in Venice

Heading for Venice? Gosh, you’re lucky! That city is among the most beautiful ones in the whole world! And, just like many other places in Italy, it’s very vibrant too. In fact, Venice has so much to offer that without a clear plan for what to do there you’d probably get hopelessly lost with all the possibilities.
But don’t worry – that is something we just can’t let happen! Check out our brief list of the best things to do in Venice and you’re ready to go!

Take a free walking tour with a local

One of the best ways to explore the city is joining a free walking tour. When you’re new in town, it might help to get around and discover lots of great places, including both famous Venice attractions and hidden spots.
Moreover, as guides are usually locals, they know everything about the city and will gladly share any information with you. It’s simple. Ask them where to go for some ice cream and you’ll probably get the best gelato in town!
As an added bonus, you don’t pay anything beforehand and just tip a guide when the tour is over. So, even if you hate the tour (which is extremely unlikely!), you won’t regret paying for it.
Venice attractionsCredit: Pedro Szekely

Explore Venice with a gondola ride

Do you know that Venetian gondolas once were the main form of transportation around the city? Can you imagine that a few centuries ago the city authorities had to deal with traffic jams created by gondolas, not cars?
Clearly, Venetian canals aren’t that busy nowadays, but gondolas remain something both locals and city guests admire. Feel the spirit of a bygone era and take a ride on one of those! While that might be a pricey pleasure, it’s definitely worth the money!
Things to do in VeniceCredit: Moyan Brenn

Take a look at the best bridges

In addition to being famous as the City of Canals, Venice is known as the City of Bridges too. And that’s not for nothing: the city has more than 400 bridges and you’ll see dozens of them while just walking around.
Even though most of the bridges are plain and nondescript, there are a few really beautiful ones that you don’t want to miss. Those include the iconic Rialto Bridge, the controversial and modern Calatrava Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs famous for its great legend and the wooden Academy Bridge.